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download the template

For now we are using the popular template available here, a new custom template will be forthcoming

Installing the Xcode template

Copy the github source to Developer/xcode/extras cd to the real framework folder and run the script You may repeat the above for the fake template but it is not used for mooncatventures app projects To uninstall, run the script and restart Xcode.

Creating an iOS Framework Project

Start a new project. For the project type, choose Static iOS Framework (or Fake Static iOS Framework), which is under Framework & Library. Add your classes, resources, etc with your framework as the target. Select your framework under "Products", then show in Finder. There will be two folders in the build location: (your framework).framework and (your framework).embeddedframework

If your framework has only code, and no resources (like images, scripts, xibs, core data momd files, etc), you can distribute (your framework).framework to your users and it will just work.

If you have included resources in your framework, you MUST distribute (your framework).embeddedframework.

To add a framework to your project, simply drag it into your project. When including headers from your framework, remember to use angle bracket syntax rather than quotes.

For example, with framework "MyFramework":

  1. import <MyFramework/yourheader.h>
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